Immigration Law

Business & Employment Immigration

In conjunction with our Employment Law practice, we work with our business clients to ensure they can tap into a worldwide pool of skilled employees by obtaining temporary and permanent employment-based visas.  These include H1-B non-immigrant visas, permanent employment-based visas for scientists, entrepreneurs and other individuals of exceptional ability, visas for multinational managers and executives transferred to the U.S., and investor visas, amongst others.  We keep abreast of trends in immigration processing and approvals to help employers determine the best immigration options for their employees and to ensure our clients have the edge by hiring the best. 

We also offer counsel on immigration issues related to transferring employees, I-9 compliance and immigration audits.  This includes counseling companies involved in mergers, acquisitions, reductions in force and lay-offs to ensure appropriate review and transfer of any existing employee visas, compliance with State and Federal immigration reporting requirements, and immigration due diligence.