Construction Law & Litigation

construction defects

Colorado’s real estate and housing boom in the 1990’s led to an increase in litigation over construction defects.  Later, the Colorado legislature added new procedural and substantive statutes for the litigation and resolution of these claims, making this practice area more complex and adding new traps for the unwary.  One of the most important laws is known as the Construction Defect Action Reform Act, or “CDARA.”  The new laws such as CDARA have raised a series of legal questions that the courts have yet to completely resolve, adding to the uncertainty faced by owners and builders alike.  Our attorneys have litigated construction defect claims from all sides of the argument.  We help owners to recover compensation for defects that were caused by negligent construction, or defects that were improperly concealed.  We also help contractors, subcontractors, and design professionals defend against meritless claims.