Kimberly Hult returns from sabbatical 1/1/2011

HBC is delighted to welcome back Kim Hult from her year-long sabbatical abroad.  Kim and her family spent 2010 in Morocco, where they made many friends and explored the Sahara, the Atlas Mountains and the traditional medinas of Marrakesh and Fes.  When her husband, a philosophy professor at CU-Boulder, wasn't working on his Arabic, her children weren't studying at their French school, and Kim wasn't desperately trying to upload photos to her blog, the family traveled to southern Europe, Egypt, South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana.  For Kim, the best parts of the year included spending lots of time with her family and all those who came to visit them, traveling whenever possible, and taking advantage of the fabulous shopping in the Rabat, Fes and other medinas (for presents, of course).  Kim now fancies herself something of an expert on travel in Morocco (and other parts of Africa), especially with children, and is more than happy to share her thoughts and ideas for exploring North Africa.