HBC's Baine Kerr, Jonathan Boonin and Lauren Groth Obtain Landmark Settlement with EEOC Against DU Law School

HBC's Baine KerrJonathan Boonin and Lauren Groth represented Professor Lucy Marsh in a landmark equal pay case against DU Law School.  HBC represented Professor Marsh in filing a charge of discrimination with the EEOC, convincing the EEOC to "find cause" and take her case not only on her behalf but on behalf of all female full professors at DU Law School.  HBC then joined with the EEOC in representing Professor Marsh in a lawsuit that resulted in the entry in May 2018 of a Consent Decree.  After initially refusing to pay Professor Marsh anything, in the Consent Decree, DU agreed to pay Professor Marsh and the other affected female professors a total of $2,660,000 in back pay, compensatory damages and attorneys' fees.  In addition, all of these professors are getting substantial pay raises going forward.  Moreover, as part of the Consent Decree, DU Law School agreed to the appointment of an external monitor for six years and to annual gender equity studies from an outside labor economist to ensure the problem does not arise again.

Media coverage:  Ward, Stephanie Francis, "After Previously Defending Lower Pay for Female Profs, DU Law School enters EEOC Consent Decree, ABA Journal, May 17, 2018.