Scam Alert for Colorado Business Owners and Registered Agents

Owners and registered agents of business entities registered at the Colorado Secretary of State (such as corporations or limited liability companies) may have received an official-looking but misleading solicitation letter titled "Periodic Report" asking for payment of $225 to the "Corporate Controllers Unit" to file the entity’s corporate report.   The letter falsely implies that the filing fee for Periodic Reports in Colorado has been increased to $225, and that such payment must be made through the "Corporate Controllers Unit."  

In fact, the fee for filing a Periodic Report in Colorado remains only $10.00, and it may be paid online directly through the Colorado Secretary of State's website. The "Corporate Controllers Unit" is a private company, and the letter is a solicitation of business for its service of filing Periodic Reports on behalf of your business entity.  Entity owners are under no obligation to accept the "Corporate Controllers Unit" solicitation or to respond to this letter.  

Entity owners should be aware that as of January 1, 2012, postcard notifications will no longer be mailed by the Colorado Secretary of State to the registered agents of Colorado entities or to the entity.  Registered agents and business owners may (and should) sign up for e-mail notification service with the Secretary of State so that important filing dates are not missed and any filings relating the entity will be promptly noted.

If you have any questions, HBC business attorneys would be happy to speak with you regarding your entity's specific situation.